Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Park City Mountain Resort Versus Vail Corp and the Canyons

As you may or may not know there has been a war going on between #PCMR and the #Canyons slash #VailCorp over the leased land that much of PCMR sits on.  I thought I #AbbottSkiHouse would just leave it at that and start posting updated articles instead of trying to explain.  The latest wrinkle is this article explaining the relationship just struck between Cummings (owner of PCMR) and Dick Bass of #Snowbird.  Check it out here  Snowbird will be run completely separate from Powder Corp. 

Had drinks with a few Snowbird employees  last night the buzz is all about the potential of large chunks of money being put into the aging infrastructure at the base of Snowbird and expansion on the hill.  Don't expect to see the #PCMR free ride parks and pipes any time soon at #Snowbird

I will try to post some of the sorted background ... it reads like a season Dynasty ...

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