Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where to Eat in Park City Utah

There are plenty of places to eat when staying in Park City.  This is our quick hit list.  This is in no particular order.

Just down the stairs from #AbbottSkiHouse near the top of Main Street is the Wasatch Brew Pub.  Grab a couple of the growlers from the upstairs kitchen and have fresh beer in your own fridge.  If you decide to stay and eat, the food is plenty palatable bar fare, but the real reason to eat here is to sit outside in the spring, summer and fall.

 Over on Bonanza hit El Chubasco, or as we call it Chubby's.  This is Park City's top Mexican taqueria style restaurant.  I have spent enough time working in Mexico to know that this is not soup to nuts Mexico, but it is close enough.  I like the Camarones a la Diabla, carnitas, fried fish taco or burrito.  Plenty of salsa's to choose from.

The Bill White Restaurants are good for finer dining, Chimayo probably being our favorite.

The No Name Saloon may seem a bit cliche, not the best kept secret.  It is a classic location that is always busy.  Get a buffalo burger and the homemade chips.  Most houses in Park City have a stash of the No Name's matches.

Get a Schooner of beer and another of nuts next door at O'Shucks.  Their Buffalo wings are grilled ...sacrilege I know, but delicious none the less.  Believe it or not, the oysters here actually won't kill you.  This used to be a main stay for me after Saturday hockey.  My style, smells like old beer ...mmmm.

Prime Steak House  may just have the best steak in town and I just happen to know somebody who loves their bone in rib-eye. 

The only ski-in-ski-out distillery I have ever heard of High West a Micro Distillery and we have it in Park City.  The small plates are good enough, but you are there mostly to sample the hooch.  Try a sip of all of them before deciding.

If you find a reason to be in Heber get to Chick's Cafe.  Could be the best breakfast in Utah.  Split the scone ... this is the way we do scone in out here.  Mmmmmmm Scone.

The Montage at Deer Valley Hit the sports bar with the kids for bowling, games and casual dinner.  Don't worry about being disruptive, this is family friendly.  Lose the kids and go for something a little upscale upstairs.

 The Uptown Fare is just uphill on Main Street from the 3rd Street stairs that take you to the #AbbottSkiHouse.  Some adults may not be able to stand upright with the low ceilings.  Don't tell them your from out of town unless you tell them Monique sent you.  You may need to know the password to get in during Sundance.  Find me @JabbottParkCity on twitter if you need it.  Go for the soup, sandwich and-or salad.  This is the place for lunch.

I am never disappointed with Shabu.  Don't be a homer and order the shabu shabu.  Get whatever Kevin or the wait staff suggests.  Tell them my wife Monique sent you.

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